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I tried adding a little fun in trying something new – I saw holographic chocolate online, with the claim that it was easy to make. I love rainbows and chocolate, so decided to try, figuring if it was harder than it seemed, or didn’t work out, I could still eat the failures! 

Basically, all you need is good quality chocolate (dark chocolate is better), and some Diffraction Grating (sheets of a thin film that turns light into rainbows!) – I found mine on Amazon:  (when I looked again, they’re out of stock, so maybe a quick search for something similar?!) 

The full instructions are found online here: 

Basically, the idea is to temper chocolate, spread tempered chocolate on the friction side of the film (the friction side of the film makes a little squeak when you run a fingernail over it), let it cool, remove it from the film. Admire the magic you made. Eat magic chocolate. 

I’m giving Rainbow Chocolate a total 5/5 for the sheer joy of it and the fact that I still find tempering chocolate tricky – but this somehow still works.  You could make this into any shape, add it to decorate cakes, impress small children, or simply invite more joy into your day. 


Magic Chocolate

The chocolate didn’t really temper to that crystal stage where it snaps when cooled. You can see that it’s still kind of “dull” in the light, and not that shiny. Guess what?! IT STILL WORKED!! I still got magic rainbows on the back of these circles. 

It didn’t show up so well in the photo, but in real life this was rainbow-y and joyful!