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{Image of Pumpkin Scones, jam and cream, my grandmother’s iconic recipe}

The story of Kindred Tables is: You are what you eat.

I like to think about how I am made up -literally- of all the food I’ve eaten.

I am composed of all the food I’ve ever eaten. At the cellular level, I am the story of all the recipes I’ve collected, the food that has been shared with me, the things I’ve tried, the time spent in the kitchen.

I have grown into the person that I am because of what I’ve eaten, and how it has nourished me.

I am my grandmother’s Pumpkin Scones, I am my friend Beth’s Incredible Broccoli Cheese Soup, and my sister-in-law’s Syrniki. I am my neighbor’s Irish Soda Bread. The story of who I am is woven together by the meals that have fed me over the years, and because I just can’t help it, I started collecting the recipes.

I feel connected to the people in my life, through the shared remembrance of the food I make. I identify with a way of being in the world, because of the food I eat. I invite others into this place, because of the food I share. It’s a unifying, community-centered way of sharing the table.

This website is an experiment in sharing my curiosity, my hunger and my table. For community, connection, and delicious food that connects us all. It’s for me, and it’s for us.